THROTTLE GEAR Apparel was founded by, Todd Briggs, in 2012 on the basis of his passion for motorcycles and the release of stress when riding. What started as a simple design created by staring at a motorcycle for hours has since evolved into a new streetwear brand and a movement.

The THROTTLE GEAR movement started as a motorsports brand but has now transformed into a complete streetwear/sportswear line. It has taken cues from the music industry, sports culture and popular culture. THROTTLE GEAR’s popular slogan “Feel It, Embrace It, Live It” has a very powerful meaning….., 

“Feel It”… Like the raw power from siting on a motorcycle, feel the power of life that has been given to you. Use it all to your highest ability, use each sense to failure.

“Embrace It”… Embrace your life, never settle for anything less. Always perform every task above and beyond your best. Never quit, never think you are ever a failure. To embrace your life is to complete and live your life.

“Live It”… Live your life to the fullest. That statement speaks for itself. Meaning take your time but live each and every day to the fullest. Live it like the open road.

Aligned with his graphics skills, clothing became another canvas to spread his art and message to the people.

THROTTLE GEAR is about being flexible and unusual. What has been created is a brand, a lifestyle, a movement. Stay tuned for there is more chapters to come.

Throttle has now been featured in UpNext Magazine's October/2016 issue and also nominated for a 2016 Philly Hip Hop Award for Best Urban Fashion Store/Brand.

We now have our new Flagship Store located in the Philadelphia Area.